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Not A Bad Night For SNL

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After last week’s mehpisode, this week Saturday Night Live stepped up its game.  Considering Tim McGraw was the host (as opposed to Justin Timberlake who no doubt had to back out in order to stay in bed with Jessica Biel), the show made me laugh.  The cold open about the Big Three Bailout was a highlight (which was on Hulu, but seems to have disappeared), as was Michaela Watkins debut as Arianna Huffington.

Here’s an always awesome Kristen Wiig highlight:

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Also, where’s more Abby Elliot?!  And get rid out that stupid waiter character by that new guy I don’t think I like!

(Click here for more clips on Hulu.)

Jack’s Back (For Only Two Hours, Though…)

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(Update: I’m an idiot.  It’s only a one-night, two-hour thing.  Whatever.  It’s over.  Did I mention I’m an idiot?)

24: Redemption is set to premier tonight on Fox at 8pm.  It’s a two-hour event to hype up the return of the new season.  What’s hard to comprehend is what can Jack Bauer possibly do in two hours?  I mean, he can save the Secretary of Defense, the President, his girlfriend, his co-workers, and the world in one day, but it takes one whole day.

Things he might be able to accomplish in two hours:

  • Save New Jersey.
  • Get Elisha Cuthbert some work… in anything other than 24
  • Finish his Christmas shopping.
  • Rescue some turkeys from Sarah Palin.
  • Make one hell of a lasagna.
  • Upgrade/downgrade his new pc from Windows Vista to Windows XP.
  • Watch The Lost Boys 2.
  • Save the world, only faster.