Jack’s Back (For Only Two Hours, Though…)

(Update: I’m an idiot.  It’s only a one-night, two-hour thing.  Whatever.  It’s over.  Did I mention I’m an idiot?)

24: Redemption is set to premier tonight on Fox at 8pm.  It’s a two-hour event to hype up the return of the new season.  What’s hard to comprehend is what can Jack Bauer possibly do in two hours?  I mean, he can save the Secretary of Defense, the President, his girlfriend, his co-workers, and the world in one day, but it takes one whole day.

Things he might be able to accomplish in two hours:

  • Save New Jersey.
  • Get Elisha Cuthbert some work… in anything other than 24
  • Finish his Christmas shopping.
  • Rescue some turkeys from Sarah Palin.
  • Make one hell of a lasagna.
  • Upgrade/downgrade his new pc from Windows Vista to Windows XP.
  • Watch The Lost Boys 2.
  • Save the world, only faster.

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