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NBC Looks to Clean Slate(r) Sooner Than Later

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The NBC Peacock is losing a few more feathers.  Since the suckfest that is “Heroes” can’t even draw in an audience for itself, the show that follows it – Christian Slater’s “My Own Worst Enemy” – is getting shit-canned.

Okay, maybe it’s getting cancelled not because of “Heroes” sucking, but because it actually sucks on its own.  (How would I know?  I never watched it.)

“Lipstick Jungle” is also getting the axe.  (I wanted to put axe-wound, but that would have been in bad taste, right?)

Do you have any cheese?

Do you have any cheese?

“Knight Rider,” which also bites dust is still going.  It might have been moderately watchable if Will Arnett had been the voice of KITT as originally planned.  (They gave the job to the fat guy from that garbage musical “The Ten Commandments.”  How do I know it was crap?  Because it’s a musical of “The Ten Commandments!”)

Sad news/ glad news: If ABC doesn’t renew “Pushing Daisies” (sad news), creator Bryan Fuller will return to be “Heroes” hero (glad news).  (He wrote the first season’s awesome HRG-focused episode, “Company Man.”)

Also glad news – Brooke Shields will be free to keep making Volkswagen commercials.

(via Entertainment Weekly and Hollywood Reporter)

“Arrested Development” Movie No Longer Arrested in Development

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There is a God in godless Hollywood after all!

Jeffery Tambor, one of the many great stars of the always brilliant “Arrested Development” (how much gushing is possible!), has confirmed – confirmed – that I should get my hopes up for a movie version of the show (sometimes hope is enough… just ask Obama).

From Collider:

We are going. It’s a go. I actually just this week talked to Mitch Hurwitz, so we’re doing it.

Sounds good to me!