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Wednesday’s TV Picks

Posted in TV with tags , , , , , , , , on October 22, 2008 by tvismyiv
This photo is from Playboy, but I don't think she has ever posed nude.

This photo is from playboy

No one reads this blog, yet, so the picks for today are for me.  I will check this site and remember what I need to watch tonight.

Wednesday is hump day so, we are going to keep it simple and watch ESPN all day.  There will surely be coverage of the World Series, sprinkled with some NFL injury reports.  In the evening we are going to go with baseball.

8:00pm EST

World Series (Live) Fox – Even if you don’t like baseball you have to at least watch the Series.

Pushing Daisies (DVR) ABC – This show visually looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.  The concept is original and the story lines are intriging enough to keep me watching.

Knight Rider (DVR) NBC – The Hoff isn’t in this one (except for a brief appearance in the tv movie last year) but it still is pretty good.  K.I.T.T. is amazing in this, probably, the best acting I have seen in years.  Oh, and the eye candy isn’t so bad either (maybe my favorite of the fall season), Deanna Russo (pictured above), who plays Sara.

9:00pm EST

Myth Busters (Live) Discovery Channel – I know I am suppose to be watching MLB but that can wait (the middle innings can be pretty boring sometimes).  In this episode they are testing to see if beer goggles exist.  This will either drastically decrease how much I spend at the bar or increase how many drinks I buy the Ladies.

Ghost Hunters (DVR) Sci Fi –  I can say they have never shown anything that proved the existence of ghost but they have shown some pretty unexplainable stuff.

10:00pm EST

Dirty Sexy Money (DVR) ABC –  This show is about a wealthy family that always seems to be getting in trouble.  The family lawyer and the family patriarch have to get the family out of trouble.  The father wants to just throw money at the problem and the lawyer is always being pushed to his moral limits.  I enjoy this show because it really does show how we, billionaires, sometimes get into trouble but for the most part are just normal people.

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island (DVR) MTV –  How can anyone resist a spin off of the original reality tv show.  With all the drunk 20 somethings running around stabbing each other in the back, crazy antics are sure to ensue.

***Note – since you are the only one that reads this, only the shows you like are on here so there is no need to post other ideas