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According to me. Not Jim

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According to me is a new weekly site entry devoted to shows I would rather see remade and put in the time slot of According to Jim. I will actually take reruns of the shows too.

This weeks pick is Dinosaurs the Jim Henson show that centered around Earl Sinclair and his family. Most of you might remember this show based on its tag line, “Not the mama” delivered on a weekly basis by Baby Sinclair. Really in my opinion the precursor to Stew on the Family Guy . I can vividly remember my brother hitting my dad over the head with a ruler and screaming  “Not the Mama”.   The show took on topical issues in a clever way that Caveman never could figure out.  The problem with today’s kids is they don’t have a role model like Robby Sinclair to look up to. ABC WE WANT DINOUSAURS BACK!!!

AC Slater is back to host America’s Next Dance Crew

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If you think you have what it takes to be on the next season of America’s Next Dance Crew then get ready. Here is a list of open tryouts. Suck it Detroit.  But there is some stiff competion this year. Just look at this tryout here.



 ATLANTA, GA | Saturday October 11th 2008 | Doors Open at 9am
Gotta Dance Atlanta (
1778 Ellsworth Industrial Dr., NW | Atlanta, GA 30318

AUSTIN, TX | Monday, October 13th 2008 | Doors open 9am
The Dance Zone (
2323 San Antonio ST., Ste A | Austin, TX 78705

MIAMI, FL | Tuesday, October 14 2008 | Doors open 9am
The Dance Empire of Miami (
12801 SW 134th Court | Miami, FL 33186 | By the Tamiami Airport

ST LOUIS, MO | Wednesday, October 15th 2008 | Doors Open 9am
Best Dance and Talent Center (
105 Northwest Plaza | St Louis, MO 63074

DC/BALTIMORE, MD | Thursday October 16th 2008 | Doors Open 9am
B. Funk Dance Company (
105 10291 Baltimore National Pike | Ellicott City, MD 21042

SAN FRANCISCO, CA | Saturday October 18th 2008 | Doors Open 9am
Dogpatch Studios (
991 Tennessee Street | San Francisco, CA 94107

NEW YORK, NY | Saturday October 18th 2008 | Doors Open 9am
Best SIR Studio (
520 West 25th St. (Between 10th & 11th) | New York, NY 10001

LOS ANGELES, CA | Saturday, October 25th 2008 | Doors Open 9am
Foresight Studios (
53501 W. Sunset Blvd | Los Angeles, CA 90026

24: Redemption

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24 the Movie Can 2 hours be as good as a whole 24?

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Tuesday’s Tv Picks

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As some of you know we at tvismyiv watch tv so you don’t have to but if you insist on watching for your self we also tell you recommend the shows you should watch.

For those of us with no life no job extra free time you all know your daily viewing.  We start the day with the Today Show or The Early Show or Good Morning America.  Then we move on to The People’s Court and the millions of other arbitrator judge shows.  Some move on to the day time talk shows, or the soaps, or the once classic, Price is Right (Damn you Drew Carey).  Others, who pretend to be sophisticated care about the world, will spend some time on CNN or FoxNews.  Then we watch our Dr. Phil and Opra and the such.  But on this site we will focus on the evening tv viewing.

Today at 6:00pm EST I am going to recommend Cash Cab on Discovery Channel and at 6:30 another Cash Cab.  Then at 7:00 Wheel of Fortune on NBC and at 7:30 Jeopardy

8:00pm EST

House (Live) Fox – If you don’t like house get off my site right now…seriously get off my site.  Yes, I know, Hugh Laurie is British and on the show he has an American ascent.  Yes, I also know, it follows the same format every show (House gets a case, doesnt want it, something interests him so he takes it, they run test after test, can not figure it out, something sparks a revalation and case solved) but Olivia Wilde II ‘Thirteen’ (pictured above) is smokin (also not to go all “Flesh of the Stars” but I am pretty sure she got naked in Alpha Dog).

The Biggest Loser: Families NBC – Spoiler Alert…The biggest loser family is….are you ready…go to your family picture album and there they are….hahaha….what not funny…sorry…you know what, no, I am not sorry.

90210 CWTV – I loved the orginal but seriously this show can not be good…I tend to have a bit of nastalgia about my younger years but not that bad.

9:00pm EST

Fringe (Live) Fox – This might be the best new show of the season.  My only problem with it is that Anna Torv is hot sometimes and ugly other times…it kinda freaks me out.

The Mentalist (DVR) CBS – This show may be the worst new show of the season, however, I am still giving it a chance.  It seems to be a non funny version of Psych and that show is great so if my math is correct this show should be great minus the funny.

10:00pm EST

Law and Order: SVU (DVR) NBC – To be honest with you, with all the sick people in the world, that they base these criminals on, it is a very morbid show. The worst part is that a majority of those criminals may have been based on my ex roommate.

Eli Stone ABC – Isn’t this show a musical?????  There is no way I am watching that.  I saw a musical once and I don’t think that adult video company is in business anymore.

***note – as always any other shows that you want discussed, just comment, and we will do our best, but our best is already posted.