According to me. Not Jim

According to me is a new weekly site entry devoted to shows I would rather see remade and put in the time slot of According to Jim. I will actually take reruns of the shows too.

This weeks pick is Dinosaurs the Jim Henson show that centered around Earl Sinclair and his family. Most of you might remember this show based on its tag line, “Not the mama” delivered on a weekly basis by Baby Sinclair. Really in my opinion the precursor to Stew on the Family Guy . I can vividly remember my brother hitting my dad over the head with a ruler and screaming  “Not the Mama”.   The show took on topical issues in a clever way that Caveman never could figure out.  The problem with today’s kids is they don’t have a role model like Robby Sinclair to look up to. ABC WE WANT DINOUSAURS BACK!!!

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