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1130 – We’re entering an era without Elephants, and I fear our comedy may suffer (unless Obama has a tubby intern that may catch his eye).  Jason Sudekis as Joe Biden tries to quell our (and Lorne’s) fears by suggesting he’ll screw something up.  Dan Quayle, he ain’t.


1133 – Did Don Pardo just mispronounce new castmate Michaela Watkins as Miunintelligible Watson?


1134 – Paul Rudd doesn’t seem to have high hopes for show post-election… Kristen Wiig seems to agree… I’m beginning to worry…


1135 – Did they just simulate an erection in the Sproingo spoof commercial?


1138 – Kissing Family Skit.  At first I wonder why Rudd is member of the family, with Andy Samberg as the visiting guest.  (I also wonder is this a recurring skit?  God, I hope not).  Ah the answer presents itself… Samberg and Fred Armison make out open-mouthed.


1144 – Disgusting!  I can’t stand these Charmin Ultra Strong commercials.  This one has them playing football with dingleberries.  Gross!


1148 – As a bone thrown to Kenan Thompson, this scared straight skit is meh at best.


1151 – Digital Short – Like the song Samberg made and played, but here’s a trend I’m sensing in this episode… what’s with all the gay humor?  No good fart skits coming to mind?  Majorly missing TV Funhouse right now.


(Remainder after the jump)


1155 – Songwriter skit like song – going nowhere fast… Wiig is still funny by simply leaning backwards.


1200 – Commercial makes me realize that I can’t wait for “Tropic Thunder” DVD… Should have great cut scenes.


1203 – Again with the gay stuff… this time in a car, interspersed with violence.  Okay overall, I guess since I’ve liked this skit in the past.


1210 – Beyonce’s on Stage… Rage kicking in!  Wanna know why?  Check here.  Well that, and she sucks.


1217 – I wondered what they would do for the Weekend Update, but it’s just Seth Meyers now.  Snagglepuss and the Great Gazoo make guest appearances in response to Prop 8 passing.  More of the same homosexual fodder.


1223 – Justin Timberlake surprise!  He breaks down what next week’s episode would have been like were he able to still make it (he never gives reason for cancelling, though).  He’s probably more accurate than he thinks… that’s how formulaic this show has become.


1226 – Commercial for “Twilight” looks like some Lifetime or Hallmark Channel movie… No. worse – a SciFi Channel movie.


1230 – Look at Beyonce act!  JT’s still there, and in tights with Samberg and other new guy I don’t feel like looking up (I’ll just call him Snagglepuss).  Still gay undertones.  Yay!  Abby Elliot three times!  Funniest so far…


1238 – Suicidal jumper skit doesn’t get gay, wait – almost does, then whew – doesn’t.  “Don’t” joke used better in “Grindhouse” intermission.


1247 – Look at Beyonce sing! I mean lip synch while she dances, then break it down when she sits down at the end of song.  Also, the white girl dancer has no ass.


1252 – 100% Gay!  Actually, trying to make gay a joke in of itself – FAIL!


1255 – Mini-movie with Paul, Bill Hader, and Fred.  Okayokayokayokay.


1259 – Finale.  Rudd thanks Beyonce and JT and Lorne and cast.  Some members point out Abby and Michaela excitedly as it ends.


101 – Infomercial for “The Midnight Special” on DVD, and I’m tempted.  Kthxbai!

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  1. Justin Timberlake (far left) and Beyoncé (second from right) with Paul Rudd play out an SNL skit Photo by: Dana Edelson / NBC Beyoncé is in awe of Justin Timberlake after he played one of her

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