Wednesday’s TV Picks

8pm– Wow.  I can’t believe it.  It’s finally here.  It feels like I’ve been waiting fortyever (that’s ten regular forevers).  Not.  Rosie Live is on NBCROSIE O’DONNELL IS BACK ON TV!  Consider this karma because not enough of you assholes have been watching Pushing Daisies on ABC, and it’s going away.  Let me repeat that.  Pushing Daisies is getting cancelled – Rosie O’Donnell gets a fucking variety show.  I don’t care that they’re not on the same network, it’s still crap forty sure.

9pm– Let’s just stick with the suckfest that is everything NBC (except for their awesome Thursday night lineup).  Deal or No Deal has some idiot who couldn’t pull out quick enough THIRTEEN TIMES.  I bet he’s going to pick numbers real good.

10pm – On ABC, the Barbara Walters Special features an interview with President-Elect Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle.  If you happened to watch NBC for the previous two hours, I’d suggest getting a jump on your Thanksgiving dinner tonight by downing a bottle of Drano.

Uh... um... still not watching

Uh... um... still not watching

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