Full House To Get A Little Less Full


Phone call from a flamingo? WTF?

It seems like only yesterday our little Stephanie Tanner was a washed up child star and resident meth head.  But then she got all cleanzed up and voila!  Married with baby!  Not anymore…

Former Full House star and new mom Jodie Sweetin is splitting with her husband.

Sweetin, 26, filed papers Wednesday in Orange County, Calif., for legal separation from Cody Herpin, 31, whom the actress had once called a “blessing” who helped turn around her life after years of methamphetamine addiction. The couple became parents of daughter Zoie in April.  (via People)

Apparently, they were working on a reality show that will never be, but here are some possible titles anyway.

  • Clean Up This Meth
  • Home Sweetin Home
  • Fuller House (not to be confused with Filled Out House)
  • Jodie and Cody – It Rhymes!
  • Jodie, Cody and Zoie – It Almost Rhymes!
  • If You Take the “In” Off Their Last Names, They’re Jodie Sweet and Cody Herp

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